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Basilique du Sacré-Coeur

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Vegan diet: how your body changes from day one. Sparks fill the air as Paris fire brigade members try to extinguish flames as the Notre-Dame Cathedral burns in Paris, France, April 15 Get our news and views in your inbox.

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Fire rips through Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris The iconic building dating back to the 12th century is on fire, prompting fears of a total collapse. Most read.

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Notre Dame receives about 13 million visitors a year, on whom many local businesses depend for their income. Play Video. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Clochette et la pierre de Lune - Les contes de fées d’antan I Disney

Topics Notre Dame. Paris France Europe Architecture Heritage news. Reuse this content. Some paintings and other artworks will be restored at the Louvre after sustaining smoke and water damage. Many private individuals in France and around the world have also donated. Pericolo, who worked on the restoration of the 19th-century Nantes basilica, which was badly damaged by fire in , said it could take between two and five years just to check the stability of the weakened edifice.

The stone can deteriorate when it is exposed to high temperatures and change its mineral composition and fracture inside. Companies specialising in the restoration of historic buildings and monuments also warned they would have trouble finding enough skilled workers and apprentices. Shopkeepers and cafe and restaurant owners in the vicinity of the cathedral have said they too are worried about their futures.